There are lots of ways to make this wearable. The sensor it self already sticks directly to your face. The remaining question is where to put the rest of the circuit. You could attach it to a hair clip or to your shirt.

For ours we used a nifty 3D printed battery holder and a magnetic pin back. 

The battery holder is attached to the Feather with some thread and the pin back is stuck to the back of the board.

We then connect the battery and tuck the wire into the pin back to keep it from snagging on anything.

Once it's assembled it can be clipped to any piece of clothing! If you want to get fancy you can create a pocket or a pouch to disguise the electronics and keep your circuit enclosed.

The last bit to be dealt with is what to do with the sensor on your face. If you're into a cyborg look you may just want to leave the sensor exposed, maybe even accenting it with some fancy makeup.

For ours we used some paint and sparkles to create some Bowie bolts to bling up our brows. Trust us - it makes the message sending process feel extra zingy!

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