The first thing we need to do is assemble our circuit. Because we want this circuit to be wearable, we will just connect the sensor directly to the feather board. We'll be working with silicone cover stranded wire because it is very flexible and also strong. Follow the steps below to complete your circuit.

Cut 3 lengths of the silicone cover wire and strip both ends of each piece. Tin the tips with solder to prevent the ends from splaying.

Solder one end of the wires to the "+", "-", and "SIG" connections on the MyoWare Muscle Sensor.

If you are using all of the same-colored wire like in the photo, label the other end of the wires so that you know which connection is which.

Use some tape to secure the board to the table.

Braid the wires. This will prevent them from getting snagged on things when you are wearing the sensor and will create a lovely flexible cord.

Use a zip tie to finish off the end of the braid. Snip off the tail once it is in place.

Position the end of the braid over the top of the Feather board and bring the wires around the edges and up from underneath. This will ensure that you don't have any scratching solder connections on the back that will rub against your clothing or skin.

Solder the connections in place. 

The connections that are being made are as follows:

  • MyoWare "+" to Feather BAT
  • MyoWare "-" to Feather GND
  • MyoWare "SIG" to Feather A0

Trim the wire ends once your soldering is done. Your circuit is now complete!

This guide was first published on Jan 27, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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