Roller Parts

Get the parts ready to assemble the roller carriage. We'll need the following hardware:

  • 3x M5 x 25mm flat head screws
  • 3x M5 hex nuts

Side Note: This roller assembly was inspired by a cheap roller carriage design by Hidetoshi Niisaka on Thingiverse. 

Install Bearings

Insert a M5x10mm flat head screw into one of the three mounting holes on the plate. The head of the screw is counter sinked. Hold the screw in place and insert a ball bearing with the wheel over the thread of the screw. Insert and fasten an M5 hex nut onto the screw thread and tighten. Repeat this for the other two wheels. Test and make sure the wheels are freely spinning.

Handle Parts

Get the handle ready to install onto the roller plate. We'll need the following hardware:

  • 2x M3 heat set inserts
  • 2x M3 x 6mm button head machine screws

Heat Set Handle

The handle is designed to use M3 heat set inserts. The two holes are 5.6mm in diameter and 10mm distance apart from each other.

Install Handle to Roller Plate

Place the handle over the tab on the roller plate. Line up the two mounting holes. While holding the parts, insert and fasten each screw. Use M3 x 6mm button head screws.

Handle Installed

The handle can be reversed for right/left handed operation. The orientation of the roller plate will have the center tab pointing up in the final build.

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