Now to secure the sub-assemblies together. Start with installing the roller carriage onto the piece of 2020, followed by the counter weight. The rope is then strung over the idler pulley and installed on top of the 2020. Lastly, the soldering iron can be clamped to the arm mount.

Install Roller

Orient the roller carriage so the tab with the rope is facing up. Gently place it over the top of the piece of 2020. Guide the wheels into the slots and push it down the rail. The roller carriage should smoothly go up and down the piece of 2020. At this point, it's a good idea to check the position of the handle and adjust as desired.

Install Weight to 2020

Grab the weight holder and insert the T-rail so it's on the opposite side of the roller plate. The rail from the weight holder should have a loose tolerance when sliding up and down the piece of 2020.

Install Rope to Pulley

Now is a good time to string the rope over the wheel of the pulley idler. With the roller carriage and counter weight already installed, the idler pulley is the last component in the assembly. It's easier to handle the rope at this stage of the build. I tend to pinch a piece of the rope in between the wheel and holder. Now we can spin it until it fully catches. If it's too difficult, you can unscrew the cover from the bearing and thread it by hand. And because the part uses heat set inserts, the threads won't wear out!

Install Idler to 2020

Once the rope is strung over the wheel, the idler can fit over the 2020. The slim t-nut might need to be adjusted, so loosen the M4 screw as necessary. At this point, the build can be flipped over to better handle the t-nut and screw.

Fasten Idler T-Nut

With the t-nut in place, tighten the M4 screw to secure the idler to the 2020.

Install Solder Pen

Grab the soldering iron and place it over the clamp. The shaft of the pen should rest over the mount. If the pen has a loose fit, wrap a piece of gaffers tape around to thicken the shaft. It's designed to fit a cylindrical pen with a diameter of 14mm - 17mm.

Secure Pen Cover

Place the clamp cover over the mount. Insert and fasten 4x M3 x 6mm button head metric machine screws.

End Stop T-Nut

Install a slim t-nut and M4 x 8mm button head screw onto the slot of the 2020. It should be on the side with the roller plate. This is used to prevent the tip of the iron from hitting the platform. Adjust the slim t-nut and screw as necessary. 

Final Build

And the heat press solder rig is ready for use! While operating, take proper safety precautions. Keep the power cord away from the tip. Remember to turn off the soldering iron after use. 

The soldering iron will get very hot while energized. Please keep body parts, flammables, etc. away from the hot parts. Do not keep heating the inserts after placement to prevent plastic melting and damage. Please avoid fires around heating devices and use safety glasses during use. Stay safe.

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