3D Printed Parts

The parts in this kit are designed to be 3D printed with FDM based machines. STL files are oriented to print "as is". Parts require tight tolerances that might need adjustment of slice settings. Reference the suggested settings below.

Parts List

List of all the parts used in this assembly. 

  • clamp-mount.stl
  • clamp-cover.stl
  • arm.stl
  • 2020-mount.stl
  • idler-coupler.stl
  • idler-cover.stl
  • idler-holder.stl
  • idler-mount.stl
  • pulley-wheel.stl
  • roller-handle.stl
  • roller-plate.stl
  • weight-holder.stl

ATMakers Version – Design by Bill Binko 

This design utilized compatible parts and built for a more study and rigid construction. Get the files from the thingiverse page.

Watch Bill demo his build on Adafruit Show & Tell show.


CURA Slicing

Parts were sliced using Ultimaker's CURA 4.x software and tested with an Ultimaker 3 and Flashforge Inventor II. The kit requires a minimum build volume of 150mm cubed. No support material is necessary for any of the parts. Double check parts are positioned in the center of the build plate before printing. 


Use these settings as reference. Values listed were used in Ultimaker's CURA 3.X slicing software.

  • 0.2mm Layer Height / 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.38mm Line Width (inner & outer widths)
  • 40mm/s printing speed
  • 20% infill
  • Supports: No

Designing Things

The fusion 360 source file is included and features original sketches and feature timeline along with easily editable user parameters. The parts can further be separated into small pieces for fitting on printers with smaller build volumes. Note: STEP file is included for other 3D surface modeling programs such as Onshape, Solidworks and Rhino.

Layer by Layer

Interested in CAD tutorials? Check out my playlist on YouTube – There's over 100 of them! My personal favorite is the snap fit tutorial for cases and enclosures. 

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