The buttons on the bottom read switch, menu, +, -, and power.

increases the volume

decreases the volume

Switch allows you to change the input.  Press switch then menu to cycle through the input options of AV, VGA, HDMI, and MEDIA.  The button will select the input.

Menu brings up the menu

To navigate the menu options:

moves the selector to the right

- moves the selector to the left

Menu selects a menu option

Switch undoes the selection

To increase the bar or move to the right on a selected menu item, press the + button

To decrease a bar or move to the left on a selected menu item, press the - button

While we're unsure of what the board is on this display, it does have different Menu Options. 

We go through each below to show you what you're able to easily control.

Note: occassionally, these screens come to us with Mandarin as their default language.  To set the language settings to English, power the screen, turn it on, and press the following sequence of buttons:


You must hit Power before unplugging or the changes will not save.


Picture Mode - Standard, Personal, Vivid, Movie
Contrast - Adjust the contrast
Brightness - Adjust the brightness
Color - Adjust the color
Tint - Adjust the tint
Sharpness - Adjust the sharpness
Color Temp - Normal, Cool, Warm
Noise Reduction - Mid, Low, Off, High


Sound Mode - Standard, Personal, Music, Movie
Bass - Adjust the bass
Treble - Adjust the treble
Balance - Adjust the balance
AVC - Off/On - Automatic Volume Control


Language - English, Russian, Portugese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese

OSD Timer - 5-30 seconds for your On Screen Display to go black
Transparence - Adjust the menu transparency
Overscan - On/Off - When on, some of the image can be cut-off and beyond the scope of the viewable screen.
Reset - Reset to factory settings


Sleep Timer - to 120 minutes - this will completely shut off the screen at the end of the set time
Aspect - Full
4:3 - compresses image to 4:3 but does not cut-off image
Blue Screen - On/Off
MP3 BG Play - On/Off - We're not sure what the BG stands for but this is just a way to play MP3s through your screen's speakers
DLC - Off/On

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