Now that your frame playback software is up and running, let's replace the test images with something more thematically appropriate.

How about Master Gracey, from the Haunted Mansion? This image was painted by character artist Corwin Webb, and is made available here with his permission. Thanks!

Check out  Corwin's illustration site for more excellent work! (I modified the painting in the second image to change Master G's gaze a bit, and to remove the pupils and irises in the third one.)

Make sure to crop or resize your images to the same resolution as the television you're using, in most cases, 1080 x 1920. 

You can make modifications to any portrait in an image editor such as Photoshop or GIMP. One simple trick is to paint out the irises and pupils, leaving behind only a haunting set of scleras (sclerae?). 

Or, you can paint them entirely black. Creepy.

How about red eyes!

A slightly more advanced technique is to use an image deformer lattice or "puppet warp" in Photoshop to make the eyes squint or look in a slightly different direction.

Or, turn your own photographs into portraits using filters.

I took photographs of a family portrait, that of my great-great-grandfather, the Rev. William Park. I'm sure he was a very nice guy, but for some reason I think he makes for an excellent subject of a Haunted Portrait.

In order to amp up the spooky factor, I made a couple of copies of the portrait and modified his eyes so that his expressions change just enough to make viewers question their own eyes.

Here's the original.

In this one I image warped his eyes to change his gaze and expression slightly.

Finally, I repainted this image so his eyes are closed.


Once you're happy with your images, save them as .jpg files and place them in your /home/pi/Pictures folder on the Pi Zero. Remove any images you don't want played, such as our original test images, and then restart the slideshow.

Now we're ready to frame the TV.

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