How you approach this will vary, depending on the particular puppet you use. The basic idea is to remove the existing eyes, add in the MONSTER M4SK eyes, and incorporate the microphone, all while maintaining access to the on/off switch, the three buttons used for voice pitch shifting, and the USB port for charging or changing your code/graphics.

Neck Incision

To begin, I needed to open up the puppet neck in order to access the inside of the puppet -- it was clearly designed for very tiny hands!

I decided to use my raptor as a display bust instead of a hand puppet, so I don't necessarily need to re-join the split later. If you choose to use yours as a puppet, you can fasten the opening later with adhesive backed Velcro.

Please be very careful with cutting implements and hole punching. Young makers should seek help to avoid injury.

Eye Openings

Next, I marked and cut holes for the M4SK lenses/eyes.

Use a hobby knife to remove the existing eyes. Horrifying, I know.

Mounting M4SK Holes

You could decided to glue the lenses internally, but I chose to mount them with screws from the outside, going through the mask and then into the M4SK mounting holes to sandwich it all in place.

I used the acrylic holders as a hole template, but decided not to use the holders themselves in the final build -- Note: In the end, and upside-down orientation worked best for fitting the M4SK to this particular puppet, so I should have marked the holes with the lens holder in that orientation. It worked out in the end because the rubber is very forgiving of poking new holes where you need 'em!

Create the holes using an awl or thin screwdriver.

M4SK Placement

Here you can see how the upside down placement of the M4SK works.

Push the three screws through from the outside, then place the lens into the socket.

Fit the M4SK half in place, sliding the three screws through the mounting holes, and then fasten them with the nuts.

This upside down orientation give us plenty of clearance for plugging in the audio output cable as well as USB for charging and coding!

Microphone Placement

With the PDM mic breakout board plugged into the M4SK, mount the mic board using a screw and nut as shown here.

Your raptor is ready! Turn on the MONSTER M4SK, and plug the 3.5mm jack into an amplifier using a stereo cable. Lean in a bit and speak into the microphone -- your pitch shifted, modulated voice will provide hours of fun!

You can also experiment with different pitch shifts using the up and down buttons on the M4SK, as well as different modulation waveforms and frequencies in the config.eye file.

Enjoy your new dinosaur pal!

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