A Han Solo costume can usually be pieced together easily by going in ones closet or shopping at a thrift store.  A checklist:

  • White long sleve shirt
  • Black pants
  • Boots
  • Black vest
  • Scruffy look (optional Hey! I'm not scruffy!)

Picture credit: Lucasfilm (fair use credit Wikipedia)

The only piece left is Han's iconic blaster pistol.  Nearly any black gun shaped prop may be used.  If you'd like something more screen accurate but still inexpensive, this project is for you.

A really good and inexpensive prop base is the "Han Solo (tm) Blaster Pistolet" sold by Rubie's Toys at retailers for $10 to $20.  It is an officiallly licensed toy of Lucasfilm, Ltd.  The issues with this toy for a costume are two-fold:

  • It makes more of a 1950's slow pistol sound
  • It's molded in white and orange plastic

Several Adafruit parts are perfect to get an authentic sound.  A bit of paint makes the prop a more realistic color.

Modifying toys to look more like firearms may be governed by the laws of your locality. Check your local laws and be sure that when the prop is used, authorities do not mistake it for a real firearm.

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