Wired Connections

The circuit diagram above shows how the components will be wired together on a breadboard. The NeoPixel shown is a breadboard-friendly version – The NeoPixel strip has similar connections. The actual connections will be slightly different. Use this diagram to reference how the connections can be wired.

  • Data In from NeoPixel to Pin #0 on Trinket
  • Pwr from NeoPixel to BAT on Trinket
  • GND from NeoPixel to GND on Trinket
  • Button to Pin #2 on Trinket 
  • Button to GND on Trinket

Battery Power

The circuit will be powered by the 3x AAA batteries via the battery hold built into the handle. This should provide about 4.5v and 1500mAh of power. This will power ~80 NeoPixels for about an hour.

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