Halo Energy Sword by Mattel

This cosplay prop is made by Mattel and officially licensed by Microsoft. You can find these exclusively at GameStop. It features two modes: Trigger mode use's a button to trigger sound effects and lights. The other mode uses a tilt switch to activate the sound effects and lighting. It has a sturdy construction and features details like weathering and edge lit texture in the blades.


This cosplay prop only features 11 LEDs, leaving a lot to be desired. The stock lighting is underwhelming but we can easily modify it with lots of NeoPixel LEDs. In this project, we'll tear it down and replace the LEDs with NeoPixel LED strips. We'll wire up an Adafruit Trinket and power everything with the built in 3x AAA battery power supply.

Prerequisite Guides

We recommend walking through the following tutorial to get familiar with the components used in this project.

Tools & Supplies

The following tools and supplies will help you complete this project.

Project Expectations

If you attempt this project, we aren't liable for any damage made to your product. This will most likely void any warranty (if any). This project requires a bit of soldering experience – If you're new to soldering, this might a bit involved. If you have any technical issues with this project, please post them up on https://forums.adafruit.com/

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