Candy Bowl

We'll remove the eye mechanism, two motors and the candy bowl. Decide if you'd like to use the built-in sound effects. There's plenty of space inside the base for other components such as more LEDs!

Bottom Screws

Flip the bowl over and look on the bottom of the base. Notice there's a removable door for accessing the battery. Find the four screws, one on each corner.

Remove Bottom

Use a screw driver to remove the four screws. The battery door is secured with a single machine screw. The slide switch features two modes with the "off" state being the middle. Save the four bottom screws. Locate the small gap and use a tool with a thin and flat tip to pry open the bottom plate. Separate the bottom panel from the base by pushing out on the edges. 

Gut The Inside

With the bottom panel removed, start gutting out the motors by removing screws. If you like to remove the internal LEDs, you can use flush cutters to remove hot glue and pull out the LED bulbs.

Removing Bowl

The white candy bowl is secured to the base with three machine screws. Use a screw driver to unfasten and remove them. Save the candy bowl and screws for later. We'll reinstall them after the HalloWing M4 has been installed.

Removing Eye Mech

The eye mechanism is secured with two machine screws. The eye mechanism uses a piece of string to pull the eye lids back. Untie the string and remove any of the mounting bits and screws.

Eyes and Motors

The HalloWing M4 doesn't quite fit inside the eye mechanism, so we won't not be using it in this project. We can save these components for future projects!

Gutted Base

With all of the components, mounting bits and hardware screws removed, base is now ready for installing the HalloWing M4. 

Bottom Components

The bottom base plate has a circuit board, IR sensor, speaker, slide switch and battery holder. There was also a 2-pin JST connector for the "try me" button switch. I swapped out the existing wiring for silicone-cover stranded wires, just for organizational purposes (totally optional). The slide switch is the only component we'll be using with the HalloWing M4. This allows a convenient way to turn off/on the HalloWing M4.

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