Install PCB Mount

Press fit the mount through the eye socket from the inside of the base.

Installed Mount

The 3D printed PCB mount features a tapered flange that prevents it from falling out. Optionally hot glue it in place for extra security.

Install Battery for HalloWing M4

Find an empty spot on the bottom base for the battery. I used mounting putty to secure the battery. Other options are hot glue and double-sided foam tape. Plug in the 2-pin JST extension cable.

On/Off Switch Wires

If you'd like to use the existing switch, you can wire it up to the EN (enable) and GND (ground) pins on the back of the HalloWing M4 socket headers. Use right-angled male header pins for a low-profile fit. The length of wire is about 8 inches.

Slide Switch Wiring

The built-in slide switch features two sets of pins. Use the available pins to connect the EN and GND pins on the HalloWing M4. Using the middle pin and the one next. The middle position of the switch is the OFF state. the LIGHT state will turn the HalloWing M4 ON


Thread Wires

Pass the battery and switch cables through the center hole of the PCB mount. Pull out a good amount of slack for better handling of the wires.

Connect Switch Wire

Insert the two header pins from the slide switch to the EN and GND pins on the back header sockets of the HalloWing M4.

Connect Battery Wire

Plug in the JST extension cable to the battery port on the back of the HalloWing M4. You may need to remove the screw, it slightly blocks access to the battery JST port.

TURN ON the built-in slide switch on the back of the HalloWing M4. It must be on the ON position in order for the circuit to work.

Installing HalloWing M4

Place the HalloWing M4 PCB over the four standoffs on the PCB mount. Line up the mounting holes with the standoffs.


Secure HalloWing M4

Use two M2.5 x 4mm screws to secure the HalloWing M4 PCB to the standoffs.

Accessible USB Port

The micro USB port is accessible for recharging the battery and reprogramming the HalloWing M4. 

Reinstall Candy Bowl

Use the three existing screws to reinstall the candy bowl back onto the base.

Reinstall Bottom Panel

Fit the bottom panel back onto the base. Make sure to orient the bottom so the IR sensor is lined up with the small hole in base. Insert and fasten the four existing screws to secure the bottom panel to the base.

On/Off Slide Switch

The LIGHT position will turn the HalloWing M4 on. The middle position will turn off the HalloWing M4.

Touch Test

Touch the four pads on the HalloWing M4 to change the NeoPixel animations. Don't forget to reinstall the candy bowl! 

Final Assembly

And there you have it! A creep tricked out haunted candy bowl with sweet RGB LEDs and animated eye!

Going Beyond

There's lots of opportunity to go beyond the scope of this project. The stock candy bowl features a built-in speaker and IR sensor. These could be wired into the headers on the back of the HalloWing M4. If you have experience programming, check out the M4 eyes code on Github. There's also plenty of room inside the base for extra goodies such as NeoPixel LED strips.

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