You'll need some art to display with your HalloWing Light Paintstick. You can get started by downloading this collection, and then unzipping it.


The Light Paintstick plays back images stored in flash memory on the HalloWing or Circuit Playground Express. To add images, plug in your board via USB to your computer. When the board mounts, you'll see a new drive named CIRCUITPY appear. Simply drag your image files onto the board with your computer file manager.-

Art Specs

If you want to create your own artwork for display, these are the specifications to follow:

  • Images should be a maximum of 30 pixels high (the same as the number of NeoPixels on our strip)
  • Images can be up to 100 pixels wide
  • Colors are 24-bit (8-bits per channel) RGB
  • Save files as .bmp format

We've found that crisp images (not too much antialiasing) work best. The colors look best when using full primaries, such as 255 red, green, or blue, and mixes of those, but you can definitely try any color you like.

You can use nearly any paint program, including online pixel art generators that run in the browser!

This guide was first published on Aug 24, 2018. It was last updated on Apr 13, 2024.

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