Your creepy prop insect or spider is going to be bungee jumping! Loop a length of fishing line or thread around your rubber bug, leaving a bit of slack that can slip over the servo arm. Secure the other end to the board or the servo body so it will be suspended when the bug drops.

You can add a bit of hot glue as seen above to keep the bug positioned properly in the loop.

Please Standby

When you power on the Jump Scare Trap the screen will ask you to "Please Standby" while it resets the servo and allows the PIR sensor to settle. This is when you can hook your bug's release loop around the servo arm.

Trap Set

After it settles, you'll see the "Trap Set" screen.

Trap Sprung!

Now, wave your hand in front of the PIR sensor -- the trap will spring, the hissing sound will play, and the servo arm will rotate to drop the bug payload!

Reset Trap

Now you'll be asked to reset the trap. Loop the bug back over the servo arm and press the left tooth cap touch pad. The screen will then ask you to standby, and then the trap will be once again set and ready to scare the next visitor!


You are ready to deploy the trap! You can use gaffer's tape to attach the board to a porch beam or door frame, with the PIR sensor pointed at the path your visitors will take.

I also ran a USB power cable along the top of the beam to keep the trap running all night long.

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