Building the circuit for your Jump Scare Trap is quick and easy -- you'll just need to plug a few things into some cables and ports on the HalloWing!

These are the connections to make:

  • Speaker plugs into HalloWing SPEAKER A0 port
  • Servo plugs into JST PH 3-pin to Male Socket cable:
    • Brown servo GND to cable Black
    • Orange servo Power to cable Red
    • Yellow Data line to cable White
  • This servo cable plugs into HalloWing NEOPIX 4 port
  • PIR sensor plug into the JST PH 3-pin to Female Socket cable:
    • PIR GND to Black
    • PIR Data to White
    • PIR +5V to Red
  • Then, plug this cable into the SENSE port on the HalloWing


You'll need to mount the circuit on a piece of corrugated plastic or cardboard so it's easier to deploy on your port or door frame.

First, cut a small piece of board roughly 10" x 4", then use a hobby knife to cut a ~2-1/2" square from the board as shown to fit the PIR sensor's lens base (the white square under the dome). This is where the sensor will peek out at your oncoming victims!

Please be careful of any tool or scissors you might use to cut the holes for this project.

Push the PIR sensor into place in the cutout.

Sensor Lens Blocker

By default, the lens has a very wide field of view. This will cause the sensor to trip the alarm when people are approaching from the side. We want to maximize the frights by having them positioned under the trap when it drops its creepy payload in front of them!

Shape the sensor by folding a small piece of black cardstock like a hood and fitting it over the lens, pushing it into the hole you made in the board.




HalloWing & Speaker Mount

Use double stick foam tape to mount the HalloWing to the board as shown here, followed by the speaker.

Servo Mount

Use tape again to mount the micro servo on the board. It is from this spot that is the creepy bug will be staged and then dropped from a length of thread or fishing line!

Next, we'll program the Jump Scare Trap using CircuitPython.

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