In the pantheon of corny gags — rubber chickens, whoopee cushions and so forth — there’s a special place for googly eyes, that staple of childrens crafts and tacky “You’re HOW old?” birthday cards.

Photo credit: Googly Punch by Lenore Edman on Flickr, CC-BY-2.0 license.

We’ve done realistic eyes before…it’s the default program that ships on the HalloWing. Suppose we desire something more…zany?

HalloWing has an accelerometer and can respond to motion…let’s make it into a googly eye!

Everything needed for this project is built into the HalloWing board, no extra components are required. (A battery can optionally be added to make it self-contained and portable.)

Video of a blinking eye on a Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express.
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