Attach spikes


The spike will help us attach the Hallowing case to just about any soft surface. We used M2x4mm long screws to securely fasten them to the case, but we can also use glue.


Add four spike to the top and bottom case. 


Position Battery


We can fit the battery between the two headers by wrapping the wires around and placing the battery in the middle of the PCB.


Mount Hallowing


Start with mounting the PCB the bottom case. Place it over the standoffs and press it down until it clicks into the tabs no the side.


Make sure to check the battery and wires aren't being kinked inside the case. 

Mount Lens


Check that the two mounting posts are fully seated through the mounting holes. Gently place the plastic convex lens on top of the display.


Place the top cover over the lens and firmly press down to the lock the case shut.

Be careful handling the case with the spikes mounted!



Foam Pumpkin


Optionally attach the HalloWing from the inside of a pumpkin! We used a foam pumpkin to reuse and reduce the mess. They’re normally hollow inside. Use a knife to carefully cut the top off – Try to cut at an angle to prevent the top from falling through.


Spade Drill Bit


To make the hole cut out for the display, we used a drill and a spade bit. The 1 3/8inch bit is a close match to the diameter of the plastic lens (40mm diamater). Position and align the lens to get your desired position and then carefully drill into the side.


Attach Hallowing


Place the case over the hole and then gently press the spikes into the walls of the pumpkin. Decorate or just use as is!

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