3D print your own spooky LED neon signs for Halloween!

Make a hipster ghost wearing shades, a grim reaper holding a scythe or a werewolf howling at the moon!

Bring life to your NeoPixels with LED animations using CircuitPython.

Use multiple NeoPixel strips to create elements with spooky animated features.

This 3D printed coffin case snap fits together and houses a small perma-proto board. 

Perfect for letting your dev board slumber in peace when it’s time to lay it to rest.

Powered by an Adafruit QT Py RP2040 microcontroller board, this little devil packs lots of treats with features that are sure to fright and delight.

Prerequisite Guides

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Video of hand holding a QT Py PCB in their hand. An LED glows rainbow colors.
What a cutie pie! Or is it... a QT Py? This diminutive dev board comes with one of our new favorite chip, the RP2040. It's been made famous in the new
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Hand flexing Flexible Silicone Neon-like Skinny NeoPixel LED Strip
You love NeoPixels, and you love silicone diffusion? Peep this Flexible Silicone Neon-like Skinny NeoPixel LED Strip! OK it's a bit of a mouthful, but check...
In Stock
Top view of a small Altoids breath mint case with two Adafruit Perma-Proto Small Mint Tin Size Breadboard PCBs.
Making a project that will fit into an "Altoids Smalls" Mint Tin? Or maybe you just need a small amount of prototyping space and a larger breadboard size is too big? Put down...
In Stock
Angled shot of STEMMA JST PH 4-Pin to Male Header Cable - 200mm.
This cable will let you turn a JST PH 4-pin cable port into 4 individual wires with high-quality 0.1" male header plugs on the end. We're carrying these to match up with any...
In Stock
USB Type A Extension Cable
This handy USB extension cable will make it easy for you to extend your USB cable when it won't reach. The connectors are gold plated for years of reliability. We use these handy...
In Stock
1 x Ribbon Cable
Silicone Cover Stranded-Core - 10 Wire 1 Meter Long - 28AWG Black
1 x Female Header
36-pin 0.1" Short - Pack of 5
1 x JST Cable
JST PH 2mm 4-Pin Socket to Color Coded Cable - 200mm

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