This vampire uses two gray paper cups to create the head and cape, and one red cup for the body. 

Mount the Servo Motor


Cut a hole for a servo motor in the bottom of a cup.


Glue the servo motor in place with hot glue.

Make the Cape


Cut a curved section out of one cup.


This will become the vampire's cape.


You can bend the edges outward to give the cape some more shape and texture.

Make the Vampire Head


Cut out another cup, trimming top and bottom.


This piece will become the vampire's head. 


At this stage, you can add some shape to the top edge of the head.

Test Fit

These three pieces will fit together as pictured.

Vampire Face


Cut out two eyes and some fangs out of black cardboard or cardstock.


A thin black collar is a nice addition, and will help hold the two cups together. 


Glue these vampire features onto the head and attach the cape.

Attach the Arms


Bend two arms out of pipe cleaners.


Use a thin line of hot glue to stick the arms to the edge of the cape.

Put the head and cape on the body.


Use a square of double sided foam tape to stick the head & cape to the servo arm.

Your vampire is ready!

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