This spooky ghost pairs two stacked paper cups with a piece of cloth formed around a pipe cleaner to create a ghostly hollow face.

Mount the Servo


Cut a hole for a servo motor in the bottom of one cup.


Glue the servo motor in place.


Attach the servo arm.

Create the Ghost


Find a piece of tissue paper or cloth about 12" x 12". This will become our ghost's head.


Glue a pipe cleaner diagonally down the middle.


Fold the cloth over the pipe cleaner.


Bend into a U shape.

Now take the ghostly head and fold it over the paper cup.


Use a line a hot glue on either side of the cup to hold the ends of the pipe cleaner to the cup.


Trim the ends off, if necessary.

Add Arms


Fashion two arms out of sections of a pipe cleaner.


Hot glue these to the sides of the ghost.

Use a square of double sided tape to connect the ghost body to the ghost head.

Your ghost is now ready to dance!

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