Here, we will use pipe cleaners to build a furry werewolf. 

This werewolf is constructed out of three paper drinking cups with a servo motor controlling the movement.

Create Pivot


Mark an outline of the servo on the bottom of a cup.


Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup.


Insert the servo through the hole.


Use hot glue to glue servo in place.


Attach the servo arm.

Use hot glue to stick short sections of pipe cleaner on the cup.


Add arms.


Cut a hole for the face.

WARNING! BURN HAZARD! Hot glue is very sticky and it's easy to accidentally burn your fingertips. Be careful when using it.

Create a Face


Use a hobby knife to cut out a mouth.


Affix googly eyes with hot glue or glue stick.


Add a nose.


Place colored paper behind the mouth.

Join the Cups


Remove the bottom of a cup.


Fit the top cup over the bottom cup.

Attach Face


Place the trimmed inner cup inside top cup.


Glue a folded riser to the inner cup.


Glue a werewolf face to riser.

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