Don't lose track of the days between now and your favorite holiday -- Halloween!

This internet-connected LED matrix display running CircuitPython will tell you how many days, hours, and minutes left until Halloween! Uses Adafruit IO time server to keep in sync. And, it runs on either the Matrix Portal or a Metro M4 Airlift with RGB Matrix Shield.

Custom bitmap images make it spooky and festive!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! You can adapt the code in this project to create a countdown display for ANY EVENT! Use any graphics and colors you like, too!


Folks love our wide selection of RGB matrices and accessories, for making custom colorful LED displays... and our RGB Matrix Shields...
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Give your next project a lift with AirLift - our witty name for the ESP32 co-processor that graces this Metro M4. You already know about the Adafruit Metro...
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Bring a little bit of Times Square into your home with this sweet 64 x 32 square RGB LED matrix panel. These panels are normally used to make video walls, here in New York we see them...
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Our RGB matricies are dazzling, with their hundreds or even thousands of individual RGB LEDs. Compared to NeoPixels, they've got great density, power usage and the...
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A nice whoppin' slab of some lovely black acrylic to add some extra diffusion to your LED Matrix project. This material is 2.6mm (0.1") thick and is made of special cast...
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Our all-in-one 5V 2.5 Amp + MicroUSB cable power adapter is the perfect choice for powering single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, or anything else that's...
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This here is your standard A to micro-B USB cable, for USB 1.1 or 2.0. Perfect for connecting a PC to your Metro, Feather, Raspberry Pi or other dev-board or...
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As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit, and speaking of adapting, this adapter has a Micro B USB jack and a USB C...
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