Download the .pdf document below. This file contains three patterns: a small beak, a large beak, and a plague doctor pattern.

Small Beak

This 1-page pattern is designed to attach to any mask. It has an upper and lower beak piece. This pattern works really well with brightly colored craft felt, or you can use your favorite fabric with fusible heavy weight or craft-bond interfacing.

Large Beak

This 2-page pattern will make a giant bird beak for your face. Use the beak pattern for both the upper and lower pieces. There is a mask base pattern piece as well since this beak is a bit too big to put on a standard face mask.

Plague Doctor

This is a large plague-doctor style beak that can go on any mask, or on the bask base from the Large Beak pattern (recommended). It's too big to print on one page, so print both pages, cut the pieces out and tape them together before cutting your fabric and interfacing.

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