There's an abundance of fun, well-made, and inexpensive animatronic holiday gizmos available at hardware stores, big-box stores, specialty shops, and online. They work great right out of the package, but sometimes you're looking for that extra bit of personalization, so this guide is all about swapping out the brains of animatronics with your own CircuitPython-based controller.

Why do it? Besides "for the fun of it", building your own animatronic controller allows you to switch out any audio files you like, fine tune the animation, and even introduce new capabilities such as wireless Bluetooth operation, ultrasonic distance sensors, and more.

Only modify battery-powered/low-power DC devices. If your animatronic runs on AC mains power just leave it alone unless you're experienced with high-voltage electronics!


Angled shot of a Adafruit CRICKIT FeatherWing for any Feather
Sometimes we wonder if robotics engineers ever watch movies. If they did, they'd know that making robots into servants always ends up in a robot rebellion. Why even go down that...
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Angled shot of black rectangular microcontroller "Feather RP2040"
A new chip means a new Feather, and the Raspberry Pi RP2040 is no exception. When we saw this chip we thought "this chip is going to be awesome when we give it the Feather...
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Angled shot of 2-pin cable matching pair.
These solid 2.5mm pitch connector cable pairs are great when you need something that can carry a couple amps of current, easy to connect and disconnect, and is just-about 0.1"...
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5V 4A switching power supply brick with figure 8 power port.
Need a lot of 5V power? This switching supply gives a clean regulated 5V output at up to 4 Amps (4000mA). 110 or 240 input, so it works in any country. The plugs are "US...
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This guide was first published on Nov 10, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2024.

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