NeoPixel Strip Connections 

D IN (white) on the NeoPixel Strip connects to pin 6 on the Feather board.
+ (5V) on the strip connects to one of the pins connecting to the BAT pin.
-  (GND) connects to one of the pins on the GND rail.


NeoPixel Jewel Connections

Data In on the Jewel connects to pin 5 on the Feather.
GND on the Jewel connects to one of the GND pins on the ground rail on the Feather.
5V wire on the Jewel connects to one of the pins connecting to the BAT pin


DPDT Toggle Switch

Top middle pin connects to the BAT pin.
Top right pin connects to a pin on the prototyping area.
Bottom left connects to the EN pin.
Bottom middle connects to the GND pins on the ground rail on Feather.

Prototyping Area

We'll use several pins in the prototyping area to add more BAT pins to the circuit. This allows us power several NeoPixels to the BAT pin. You will have to bridge these pins using a good amount of solder in order to "tie" them together.

Battery Power

The lipo battery features a male JST-PH2 connector that plugs into the female JST-PH2 connector on the Adafruit Feather. When the switch is toggled "On" it will power the Feather and NeoPixels. When it is switched to the "Off" position, the EN pin will activate, allowing the battery to be recharged via the microUSB port. Use a 5V power supply (like from your computer's USB hub) to recharge the battery through the microUSB port on the Adafruit Feather. 

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