Dual Extrusion

The head and body are 3D printed with a dual extrusion setup. The swirling detail patterns are 3D printed in a translucent material to allow the glow of LEDs to shine through. The main body and head are 3D printed in a silver colored filament. 

We used an Ultimaker 3 and Sigma BCN3D 3D printers to produce the parts. They both achieve dual extrusion differently, but render similar results.

Other machines can be used, such as the flashforge creator pro, Prusa i3 MK2 with Multi Material upgrade kit or the Palette+ from Mosaic Manufacturing

Single Extrusion

If you don't have access to a 3D printer with a dual extrusion tool head but still want to make this project, you can print the "single extrusion" version of the models. You can 3D print the parts in a translucent filament and then paint the parts to achieve a similar effect.

CURA & Simplify 3D

We used CURA 2.6 to slice the parts for the Ultimaker 3. Simplify 3D was used for slicing for the Sigma BCN3D.  Both use different slice settings and will have their own specific profiles.

Other machines will need to have their slice settings adjusted in order to produce the parts.

Post Processing

The parts can be sanded and painted for a more polished surface. I like how the surface looks a bit bumpy from the layers. In the video game, the guardian robots are ancient, so they look pretty rusty and weathered. If the parts are dual extruded, they may need some additional clean up. Some of the surfaces may have excess material. They can be clipped off using flush diagonal cutters

Dry Fitting Head & Body Parts

It's a good idea to test the parts by fitting them together. The head attaches to the body and twisted to lock in place. You should be able to free rotate the head when it's attached to the body.

3D Models

The guardian robot was designed by Steve, you can find his work on thingiverse.  Based on his original design, the Hackable version features parts for designed for electronics. Download the STLs using the links and 3D print them.

Remixed Parts

I redesigned the bottom cover part to fit the micro servo, battery and slide switch.  This can be downloaded from the remix section on the Thingiverse page or the link below. 

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