3D Printing BIG

The main body of the guardian robot is fairly large, dimensions of ~120mm x 122mm x 115mm. However, it should fit on most 3D printers with a build volume of around 150mm cubed. The parts do not require any additional support materials. 


I used silver/gray colored PLA material to print the body and the segments. This material can be printed without a heated bed and around 210-220c on the extruder temperature.

It'll take around ~155grams of filament (about $7 in material costs). So be sure to have a fresh spool of plastic.

Slice Settings

I sliced the parts using Simplify3D. It's paid software license, but you can optionally use CURA which is free and open software. You'll have to adjust your slice settings to accommodate for your printers profile. The tolerances may slightly vary from printer to printer. 

  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 1.0 (100%) extrusion multiplier 
  • 0.48mm extrusion width
  • 2 shells with 5 top/bottom layers
  • 20% infill
  • 90mm/s print speed - 200mm/s movement

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