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Circuit Playground

Circuit Playground is for everyone!
Circuit Playground - A is for Ampere
Circuit Playground “A is for Ampere” – Episode 1, learn all about electronics with Ladyada, ADABOT and special guests! Ampere describes the number of electrons that flow through a circuit in one second. It is named after Andre-Marie Ampere.
Circuit Playground: B is for Battery
"B is for Battery" - Circuit Playground Episode 2! Learn all about electronics and how to make a lemon battery with Ladyada and Adabot!
Circuit Playground: C is for Capacitor
"C is for Capacitor" - Circuit Playground Episode 3! Learn all about electronics and how capacitors work with Ladyada, Cappy and ADABOT!
Circuit Playground: D is for Diode
Join Adabot & Woz as they explore how a diode controls the flow of electrons and how it's used in a circuit.
Circuit Playground: F is for Frequency
Frequency is how often something happens over time - and it's important for many things, including radio broadcast & sound.
Circuit Playground: G is for Ground
Ground is all around! Join Adabot and Ladyada as they find electrical connections to the earth in a wide variety of places.
Circuit Playground: J is for Joule
Adabot gets working with James Prescott Joule and learns all about the Joule, a unit which measures work itself!
Circuit Playground: K is for Kits
Adabot & the Circuit Playground components love to jam, but they could use some new instruments. Luckily, Ladyada has few kits up her sleeve!
Circuit Playground: L is for LED
Billie's got the blues and Adabot has lots of questions. Learn about how an LED works with Adabot and the Circuit Playground components!
Circuit Playground: M is for MOSFET
Visit Circuit Playground and find out how MOSFETs can make small electrical signals POWERFUL!
Circuit Playground: N is for Noise
You can't see it or hear it, but it sure can effect your electronics! Adabot and Minerva set out to solve the mystery of electrical noise … and maybe even watch a movie together.
Circuit Playground - O is for Ohm
It’s the Circuit Playground campfire musical! Adabot, Mho, and Minerva learn all about a foundation of electrical engineering - Ohm’s Law.
Circuit Playground - P is for PCB
Learn about printed circuit boards with the Circuit Playground gang.
Circuit Playground: Q is for Quartz
Adabot finds treasure in his rock collection – Quartz! Have a look inside a quartz watch and learn why quartz is so important for electronics.
Circuit Playground: R is for Robots
Learn the ABCs of Robots & sing along with Adabot, Minerva, & Ruby!
Circuit Playground: S is for Soldering Iron
Join Ruby, Hans, and Mho as Ladyada teaches them how to safely wield the legendary soldering iron!