Solder NeoPixel ring


Measure and cut wires to connect the Circuit Playground to the 16 Neopixel ring. Use third helping hands to hold the boards steady while soldering.


CPB mount


Align the slit on the printed Circuit Playground mount to allow the wires to pass through. Align the JST port to the slit on the printed mount.

Press fit NeoPixel ring


Center the ring to the mount and press one side of the ring until it press fits into the wall around the printed mount.

Insert battery


Align the battery between the Circuit playground standoffs. Carefully bend the battery cable towards the slit on the printed mount.


Press fit Circuit Playground


Use the snaps on each side of the mount to hold the Circuit Playground in place. Place one side of the board under one of the snaps. Gently press the opposite side of the board to attach it to the mount.

Press fit mount into Ornament


Plug the battery into the JST port on the Circuit Playground. Allow the battery cable to press against the wall of the ornament. Gently press fit the printed mount into the Ornament. 



Use a sheet of parchment paper to help diffuse the ornament.

Align the tabs on the each half of the ornament and press fit both sides together.

Attach Printed shells


Align the bottom printed shell to the tabs on the ornament. Press fit the tab into the printed shell. 

The optional screw mounts on the sides of the shells are used to help align both halves together. Apply a small amount of force to snap fit both shells together. 

Add a hook to adorne to a tree or use as a stand alone prop for a Green Goblin cosplay!

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