You can build your own 16-knob USB MIDI CC controller! Music software is great, but don't you miss having real knobs to turn? Harness the massive amounts of Grand Central M4 Express I/O by using CircuitPython to create a MIDI controller of your dreams to dial in sequencer values, DJ software mixes and effects, and any other value you like in your DAW, synthesizer, sequencer, or DJ tools!

The Grand Central can send USB MIDI messages, such as Note On and Note Off, as well as CC (continuous controller) numbers and values. This means you can adjust virtual knobs in your music software using real, physical knobs!

In this guide, we'll wire up 16 potentiometers and program the Grand Central MIDI Controller to do your knobby bidding!

You could do a smaller scale version of this project with any Adafruit M0 or M4 Express board, but you will have fewer analog inputs to work with.


Alternatively, you can use these trim pots, but they are harder to turn:


1 x Mega protoshield
for Grand Central or Arduino Mega

For the MEGA proto shield version, I used some vertical PC mount 9mm 100k linear pots with 6mm knobless shafts. You can them here.

One note, I cut off their mounting tabs for the tight fit.

To add additional knobs you would need an ADC expander, such as this

This guide was first published on Jan 26, 2019. It was last updated on May 22, 2024.

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