Connect Battery

The HallowWing has a built-in ON/OFF slide switch. Since we are using an external slide switch, I suggest setting the built-in switch to the OFF position (we'll turn it on later in the assembly). Plug in the JST-PH cable from the battery into the power port on the HalloWing.

Connect Speaker

Plug in the oval speaker to the audio port on the HalloWing. This uses a "Molex PicoBlade" (1.25mm pitch 2-pin) cable, which makes plugging into a board easy.

Installing Components

Double check the components are properly oriented before proceeding with the assembly. Follow the photo for reference.

Connect Button

Plug in the 3-pin JST-PH connector from the button to the sense port on the HalloWing.

Installing Speaker

Peel the sticker from the oval speaker (pull on  the little tab). Place the speaker sticky side down onto the oval shaped holder inside the case. 



Secure Battery

The battery can be placed inside the case, next to the push button. To keep the battery in place, I used small pieces of mounting tack to keep the battery from shaking around inside the case.

Install HalloWing to GPS FeatherWing

Place the HalloWing over the GPS FeatherWing and check the headers are oriented correctly. Carefully press the HalloWing onto the GPS FeatherWing, making sure the header pins are aligned.

Fit Wires

Excess wiring can be tucked underneath the PCB and inside case.

Turn On HalloWing

Using a set of tweezers, flip the built-in slide switch so it's set to the ON position on the HalloWing. If it's left on the OFF position, the slide external switch can not power the circuit.

Install Top Cover

Get ready to fit the top cover onto the case. Reference the photo for the correct orientation.

Snap Fit Top Cover 

Fit the cover onto the case. Make sure the bezel does not obstruct the display on the HalloWing. Slowly and gently!

Install Lanyard

The case has two tabs on the outside for clipping a lanyard. 

USB Port

The microUSB port on the HalloWing is accessible through the hole on the side of the top cover. 



Final Test

Powering on the circuit should display the welcome message, followed by the acquiring fix image (these can be changed by updating the bitmap images). The GPS fix works best outdoors and can take a few minutes.

Use it!

There's some interesting ideas that can be done with just a few changes to the image and audio assets.

  • museum art exhibits details or history
  • unlock messages ILR RPG game style
  • play music at landmark locations

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