Once you've tested your GPS circuit using the FLORA GPS guide, it's time to load the logging program. Plug in your FLORA over USB. In the Adafruit Arduino IDE or on Codebender, choose the Adafruit_GPS library sample program leo_locus_status.
Find the line of code #define GPSECHO false and change to true. This isn't necessary for logging but helps you verify over serial that it's running properly.
Choose Adafruit Flora from the Boards menu.
Choose your board's serial port, it will look like tty.usbmodemXXX on Mac, and one of the COM ports on a PC.
Click upload to load the program onto FLORA.
Once uploaded, click the serial monitor button in the upper right, and check to make sure the "Starting logging..." message appears. You're good to go!

Go outside and take your dog for a walk. =]

Come back inside and complete the following steps to get the log information onto the computer.
Next we'll load the program that will transmit the log stored on the GPS module to the computer over serial. Connect FLORA over USB and load up the leo_locus_dumpbasic example (also on Codebender).
Upload this sketch to your FLORA and open serial monitor.
The GPS log data will flow into the window. Wait until it finishes.
Highlight and copy the log data from the line below --------------- and ending with $PMTK001,622,3*36.
Paste your log into our LOCUS Parser, which will nicely format the GPS sentences into XML that Google Maps can understand. Click Parse Data.
Copy the KML output into a text file (TextEdit or Notepad) and save it somewhere on your computer.
Open up Google Maps in your browser and click My places then Or create with classic My Maps.
Click Import.
Click Choose File and find your saved log, then click Upload from File.
Voila! Your log will be displayed as a map overlay. You can select the path to change its color, adjust any errant waypoints, and zoom around your fun dog log.
Here's where we did the majority of the filming for this project's video, you can see where we hung out the most and how we moved through Prospect Park.
We also made a brooch version of this circuit, and I wore it on a bike trip to Governor's Island. You can see the path the ferry took as well as my bike path around the island. The battery died just as I was getting back on the ferry, and so the path shoots over to my next logged location back in Brooklyn.

You are now fully equipped to log the great outdoors, so wire up a circuit and go have some fun outside!

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