GoTenna is an off-grid communication device that pairs with your phone over bluetooth. The long-range radios inside communicate with each other and send short text messages and locations via the Gotenna app for iOS or Android. We took one apart to check out the dense RF circuitry inside. Watch the video for full details!

To create such a device, GoTenna had to register with the FCC-- check out GoTenna's FCC ID.

The device was difficult to figure out how to open, but with a tip from a GoTenna engineer, we were able to split the seam with a utility blade and pry the case open with our flush diagonal cutters. Inside the PCB is secured with four screws.

ICs we identified on the front of the board:

Spansion Flash


Si4460 119–1050 MHz radio

and on the back:

nrf8001 bluetooth

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