It's surprisingly difficult to find a proper goose mask, so we'll use paint to transform a more common duck mask.

Eye Removal

The eyes on this mask are purely decorative -- you see through the nostril slits when wearing it -- so we can remove them and replace them with the MONSTER M4SK eyes.

Use a hobby knife to carefully trim away the plastic eyes.

Please be careful with sharp tools. eye protection should be worn and other precautions taken to be safe.

Paint Prep

Clean off any dust or oil from the entire mask using a cloth and some water, then dry it.

Using masking tape, mask off the bill, leaving the rest of the face to be painted.

Paint It

In a well ventilated area, with protection for overspray (such as a large cardboard box), hang the mask from some wire.

Read the directions on the spray paint can and follow them. Light coats are best to avoid drips and clumps!

Shake the paint well and then spray it in light, overlapping strokes. Allow plenty of time for each coat to dry before applying the next coat.

I went with four coats, and then after that dried applied a couple of coats of clear coat for protection.

Remove Masking, Clear Coat It

Carefully remove the masking tape. That's so satisfying!

Once I removed all the tape, I re-hung it and applied a couple of coats of clear coat for protection.

Next, we'll prepare the MONSTER M4SK.

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