"Duck" brand tape will do until "Goose" brand becomes available

Embed the Eyes

Cut short strips of double-stick foam tape to surround the screens of the MONSTER M4SK.

Press these into the mask, note that we'll orient the M4SK upside down, which provides access to the USB port. It also makes the default eyelid motions a bit more menacing!

USB and PDM Mic

Plug in the USB cable next -- use a long one so you don't accidentally tug on it during gameplay!

You'll plug in the PDM microphone breakout using the STEMMA QT connector as shown.

I used a small zip tie to secure the mic board to the 9-pin cable as shown. This puts it in a good spot for detecting your voice.

Trim the excess end of the zip tie. You're now ready to wear your mask!


Plug it into your computer's USB port and now every time you HONK the mic will detect the loud sound and send the spacebar USB key to the game, which will in turn cause your Untitled Goose Game goose to HONK!

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This page (Add Eyes to the Goose Mask) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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