Google implemented changes to their API ecosystem that impacted the Gmail applet on both IFTTT and Zapier This guide is no longer possible as a result of these changes and should not be followed.

Zapier is a service for connecting web services to your Adafruit IO project. It offers support for Gmail, Twitter, and a few hundred other services. It's similar to IFTTT, but offers some additional flexibility. 

First, you'll need an account at Zapier and an invite to the Adafruit IO app on Zapier. Visit to sign up, and then use this link for the Adafruit IO app invite.

Launch the Zapier Editor to make a Zap (similar to an IFTTT action). Then, use the searchbar to search for Gmail.

Select New Email as a Gmail Trigger

  1. Connect your Gmail account to Zapier 
  2. Then, click test to ensure it's correctly integrated with your Zapier account.

If you see Success, your Gmail was successfully connected. 

Zapier will ask you to select a label or mailbox. Select Inbox.

Note: This step is optional, if no Label/Mailbox is selected, this Zap will trigger on all e-mails, including Drafts. 

Next, Zapier will proceed to test your Gmail account. If it integrates, it'll show a success message. Click Next.

You'll also need an Action App. Search and select Adafruit IO (it's still in beta but that's o.k).

On the next step, select Send Value to Feed as an Adafruit IO action.

On "Select Adafruit IO Account", click Connect an Account and enter your Adafruit IO Active Key. 

If you're not sure where to find this, navigate to your Adafruit IO Profile and click View AIO Key

On the Set up Adafruit IO Value feed, select Date from the dropdown for Value. Then, enter Gmail as the name of the Feed

Now, Zapier will test your Zap integrated with Gmail! Click the Test button and it'll send a test value to the gmail feed. 

Navigate to your gmail Adafruit IO Feed. You should see a new value created 'a few seconds ago'. If you don't, check over the previous steps.

Click Finish and give your Zap a name. Then, turn it on and you're ready to retrieve emails.


Note: Zapier retrieves emails every 5 minutes. 

This guide was first published on Aug 22, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 07, 2023.

This page (Zapier Setup) was last updated on Jun 04, 2018.

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