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Make the following connections between the servo and the Feather HUZZAH:

  • Servo Yellow to Feather Huzzah Digital Pin 14
  • Servo Brown to Feather Huzzah GND Pin
  • Servo Red to Feather Huzzah 3V Pin

Not comfortable with soldering? You can order a Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 with stacking headers pre-soldered, and use male/male jumper cables to connect the servo to your Feather HUZZAH.

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Install HUZZAH to Mount

Use two M2.5 x 4mm flat head machine screws to secure the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH to the bottom cover part. Place the PCB over the standoffs and line up the mounting holes. Fastening screws into standoffs work best when tapped and threaded. USB port should be facing the edge of the mount.

Installed HUZZAH

Flat head machine screws had a tapered screw head. This is nice for low clearance mount holes. The mounting holes on near the antenna have a slightly smaller diameter and should be tapped when intending to secure all four mount holes. Be cautious not to over tighten or that could damage the antenna. 

Install Servo

Grab the servo and orient to match the mounting holes on the 3d printed case.  Insert the servo, shaft first, through the opening in between the mounting holes. Press firmly to fit through the wall. If it's too tight to push through, loosen the opening by filing edge with filing tool or sand paper. 

Secure Servo

Insert and fasten two M2 x 12mm machine screws on the outside of the case through the mounting tabs in the micro servo. Fasten until fully tighten. The flag mount plate has chamfered holes to allow flat head screws to be flush with the surface. 

Flag Servo Horn

Use the single arm servo horn that came with your submicro servo. Superglue will bond the two surfaces together. Place the servo horn over the flag and line up the mounting holes. Glue and set dry. Use one of the small screws to secure the flag to the servo.

Install Flag

Line up the servo horn with the splines on the sub-micro servo. The position of the flag will need to be tweaked and adjusted to properly line up with the expected angles of degree.

Secure Flag

Once the position is figured out, insert the small screw through the flag. Fasten the screw through the flag until the tip pokes through the servo horn. Then,  press fit the servo horn onto the splines. Continue to fasten the screw and hold onto the flag until fully tightened. 

Building The Mailbox

Now that we have our parts secured and mounted, we can put everything together! 

Back Cover

Start with the back cover. Line up the curve with the case and fit one side of the lip onto the indentation on the case. While holding the case, firmly press the other side of the lip on the back cover. The cover should snap fit and lock into place.

Bottom Cover

Line up the bottom cover so the USB port on the HUZZAH is facing the back cover. Insert one side of the railing on the case to the lip on the bottom case. Firmly press down on the other side to snap it onto the rail of the case. Slide the bottom cover up and firmly press to wedge it into the back cover.

Front Cover

Fit one side of the tab over the dimple on the case. Pinch the ends of the case together to allow clearance for fitting the other tab. Clip the tab over the case and onto the dimple to secure the hinge.

This guide was first published on Aug 22, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 07, 2023.

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