Google implemented changes to their API ecosystem that impacted the Gmail applet on both IFTTT and Zapier This guide is no longer possible as a result of these changes and should not be followed.

What happened with IFTTT?

Google implemented changes to their API ecosystem that will impacted the Gmail service on IFTTT. Unfortunately, this change means that all Gmail triggers were removed from IFTTT.

Please use the Zapier Setup page for this guide, instead of this page.

If This Then That is an internet service which can listen to services on the internet (such as a new tweet) and trigger physical device actions.

Once you're signed up and logged into IFTTT, navigate to the Create page to create your applet and click the +this button:

When prompted to Choose a Service, use the search-bar to look for Gmail

Next, we'll need to choose a trigger. This is an event which occurs in Gmail that's used to cause our action ("then that") to occur. We'll need to retrieve any email which comes into our inbox.

Select Any new email in inbox

Once the trigger is selected, you'll be taken back to the If Then That page. This time, click on +that

On Step 4, search for Adafruit in the search bar and select Send data to Adafruit IO on the Choose Action page

On Step 5, select gmail as the Feed Name. On the Data to Save field, click Add ingredient and then select ReceivedAt from the dropdown.

Note: While we could select any data element from the gmail feed, we don't want to leak important information such as the sender or subject. So, we'll send date/time data. 

Review the applet's settings to make sure they're correct. Then, click finish.

Next, we're going to set up our Arduino for programming. 

This guide was first published on Aug 22, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 07, 2023.

This page (IFTTT Setup) was last updated on May 30, 2018.

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