Every good elf needs a hat on his shelf.
Or better that said: a hat on his head!

A long curly top with a ball at the end,
It covers his mop and it shows he's a friend

To all other elves (and to people of height).
But more than just that - this hat is alight!

With colors that swirl, shine, shimmer and glow..
A fashion "must have" for those in the know!

Before you Start

Every Who is unique, and that is what makes them so wonderful.  What kind of hat does your inner Who wear? Make a Pinterest board of ideas, and use this pattern as a starting point to design and realize the silliest Who-hat of your Christmas dreams.

This is a great beginner project -- the soldering is fairly simple, and the Flora is really easy to work with.  The magic is in your creativity and design.  Fosshape is wonderful stuff with nearly infinite possibility*.  Let your imagination run wild!

*And, maybe get twice as much Fosshape as you think you'll need.  The second hat you make may be more than twice as good as your first attempt.  And then you'll have one for a friend!



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