Make your logo light up with this simple Converse sneaker mod. All you need is EL panel and an inverter tucked into the tongue of your shoe to get the stars in your Chuck Taylors glowing. Two styles!

Materials & tools:

  • 2x EL panel
  • 2x tiny inverters 1xAAA type, with batteries
  • 2x small pieces of fabric to secure inverters
  • plain thread and sewing needle
  • sharp craft knife and cutting mat
  • sharp scissors
  • metal ruler
  • vector graphics software (like Illustrator or Inkscape) to aid in design (optional)
  • plain copy paper
  • tape
  • high-top Converse sneakers
When this guide was written, we had a coin cell EL inverter stocked that could handle driving a 1.5" round EL panel, our current coin inverter cannot, you can still build this project but please use our 1xAAA inverter

This guide was first published on May 14, 2013. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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