Magicial Liquid


Now let's move on to making a batch of slime! We found the easiest recipe use's Elmer's Magical Liquid.


This mixture is a combination of contact lens solution and backing soda. This makes it easier to make slime without having to worry about measuring several ingredients.  Less mess too!


The bottle has measuring markers on side so you can reference how much to use in a given batch.

Mix Glue

The instructions listed on the bottle state the use of 4oz, 5oz and 6oz glue bottles can make a single batch using 1/4 cup of magical liquid. Take your bottle of glue and dump the contents into the mixing bowl. You can tap the bottom of the bottle if you squeezing doesn't get it all out. Then, slowly pour the magical liquid into the glue a little at a time. Use your fingers to mix them together. Swirling the contents together help with blending. 

Take the slime out of the mixing bowl and knead with both hands. You'll want to do this until the slime has a stretchy consistency.  

If it's too sticky, you can add a small amount of magical liquid to even it out. Continue to knead the mixture with both hands but a third hand is very helpful if you get stuck!

Be mindful with the magical liquid. If you add too much, it the slime slightly hardens, becomes more tough and less stretchy. Our ideal mixture is slightly sticky, very goopy and stretchy. 

Continue to knead until it reaches your desired consistency.





Add bedazzle


To make our slime more colorful and textured, you can toss in decorations like beads, glitter, sequins and other bedazzles.


Try to avoid adding things that might be pointy and sharp. We added these little star flakes to our mix and didn't realize they were actually kinda sharp. It won't cut but might scrape a finger or two!


If you more slime that's fluffy and more "airy", try adding some shaving cream.





Store Slime

To extend the life of you slime, we'll want to store our slime in an air tight container or ziplock bags. Slime will dry if left out after a day. 

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