Find the OUT end of your NeoPixel dot strand. This is usually the end with the female connector and no extra power wires. Snip the connector off -- we'll solder it to the Gemma so we can plug the IN end of the NeoPixel strand into it.

Solder the red wire to Vout, the middle wire to D1 and the remaining wire to G. If you've already uploaded your code, this is a good time to plug in your light strand and test to be sure everything is working.

If you're making a bra or shoulder armor, or anything with two synched up sections, you can solder two connectors onto the Gemma and the two sections will run in sync with each other.

If you want to add a power switch, carefully cut the red wire from your battery and solder each side onto the middle and one of the side legs of your switch. It doesn't matter which side leg you use, either will work.

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