I used a Cricut Explore Air vinyl cutter.  If you've got one of these, you can go directly to my project on the Cricut Design Center and cut your own.

Otherwise, you can download the individual .png files here for cutting on a different brand of vinyl cutter, or cutting by hand with a utility knife.  

You may need to resize them so they fit nicely on your face.

For the vinyl layers (front and back) I set my machine to Vinyl +

For the one-way mirror, I used the Light Cardstock setting.

For the felt layer -- I did successfully cut this using the custom Felt setting, but it got fuzz all over my cutting mat that proved impossible to remove.  This is a simple shape, so I'd recommend sticking the "back" layer to a full sized piece of felt and cutting this part out by hand.

Stick the Front layer to the one-way mirror, with the shiniest side of the mirror facing inwards / towards your face.

Stick the Back layer to the felt layer.

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