Create a beautiful and unique fascinator hat for every occasion. A NeoPixel Jewel, Gemma M0, and tiny battery are hidden inside. The flowers and feathers glow tastefully and set off your outfit-du-jour with colors and animations you can design yourself in MakeCode. 

A little hot glue, a little creativity, and you'll be the talk of the Derby Hat Parade. Make one for everyone in your wedding party, or two for yourself and one for each of your girlfriends for a night on the town.  

From Wikipedia:

fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. Fascinators were originally a form of lightweight knitted head-covering. Since the 1990s the term refers to a type of formal headwear worn as an alternative to the hat; it is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip, sometimes incorporating a base to resemble a hat, in which case it may be called a hatinator

Hatinator is my new favorite word. 


1 x Gemma M0
Gemma M0 Microcontroller
1 x NeoPixel Jewel
7-Pixel NeoPixel Jewel
1 x Battery
Tiny LiPoly Battery
1 x On/Off Switch
Tactile On/Off Switch with Leads
1 x JST Connector Cable
Battery Extension Cable with Connectors
1 x Battery Charger
USB Battery Charger

This is an easy project that requires some simple soldering and a little creativity. We've included code for a simple and beautiful rainbow animation. Also included is some more complex code that allows you to choose a color gradient to go with an outfit via Gemma's onboard capacitive touch pads -- just touch the Gemma and the animation colors will change.

Tools and Materials

  • Soldering iron, solder & heat shrink
  • Wire cutters & strippers
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hair clips
  • Craft foam & craft felt
  • Feathers, flowers, and fancy things

I also used a few small pieces of Worbla and Fosshape in my fascinator to add structure and height, but this is not required.

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