MakeCode is Microsoft's fabulous drag-and-drop code editor that makes it easy to create complex animations without a lot of in-depth knowledge about how the code works. You can either download the code we wrote and use it as-is, or follow along and learn to code your own custom animations.

The Simple Rainbow code makes pretty lights that shift in a rainbow spectrum. It's great for first-timers since it's very easy to set up -- and of course, rainbow goes with everything.

The Changing Gradient code is a bit more involved. The flower will glow in a gradient (i.e. red-orange-yellow) and each time you touch Gemma's capacitive touch pad it will step through the spectrum, showing yellow-green-blue, then green-blue-purple the next time you touch it, and so on. If you like being able to make your colors change to go with different outfits, this code is for you.


To see the code (if you do not see it below), click the "Show Embedded Content" button. You can use the icon in the upper right corner of the code box to open the code in the Microsoft MakeCode editor. 

See the following pages for a step-by-step guide for each code type you can use.

Simple Rainbow Code

Changing Gradient Code

This guide was first published on Feb 25, 2019. It was last updated on Feb 25, 2019.

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