We've included two octaves of .wav files in the key of F.

The leftmost bottle (as you look from the front) is the tonic, and the next 7 bottles go up through the scale. Bottle #8 plays F again, one octave up.

Bottle 9 (the rightmost bottle) acts just like a thumb hole on a recorder. When you touch this bottle, all the other bottles will play a note that's one octave higher. This gives you two full octaves plus a high F -- plenty of notes to play melodies in a major or minor key.

Bottle 10 is my off switch. Touching this bottle will make all the bottles go dark.

Bottle 11 starts "demo mode". We've included 3 .wav files that play short melodies. Touching this bottle will cycle through the three melodies, and play an accompanying LED animation too. 

Customize your castle using the instructions on the Software page. Enjoy your beautiful glowing musical fairy castle!


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