There is a castle on a cloud
I like to go there in my sleep
Aren't any floors for me to sweep
Not in my castle on a cloud

- Castle On A Cloud, from Les Miserables / Claude-Michel Schönberg

Build your own castle-on-a-cloud from recycled glass bottles and make it glow with NeoPixels. Each bottle is topped with a whimsical, electrically conductive clay sculpture. We've wired all the sculptures to a capacitive touch pad sensor and speaker, so each bottle lights up and sounds a pretty tone when it's touched. You can play this castle like a musical instrument! And if you touch the small bottle near the entry, the castle will play a song for you, with a lovely LED animation accompanying it.

The full build is fairly complicated, with a lot of wires and soldering and fiddling, but the end result is absolutely breathtaking. Get ready to dig in and become a song castle virtuoso.

If you love the idea but aren't a musician, we've also included instructions for a simplified lights-only version that's really easy to assemble. It's not interactive, but it's still going to show off your bottle artwork beautifully.

Adafruit Products Needed

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Circuit Playground Bluefruit is our third board in the Circuit Playground series, another step towards a perfect introduction to electronics and programming. We've...
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2 x Side-Light NeoPixels
Adafruit NeoPixel LED Side Light Strip - Black 90 LED
1 x Power Terminal
Female DC Power adapter - 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block
1 x Power Supply
5V 4A (4000mA) switching power supply - UL Listed
1 x Bolt-on Kit (for no-solder version)
Bolt-On Kit for Circuit Playground, micro:bit, Flora or Gemma (Optional)

If you're making the capacitive touch musical version you'll also need:

1 x Capacitive Touch Breakout
Adafruit 12-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout - MPR121
2 x Speaker
Adafruit STEMMA Speaker - Plug and Play Audio Amplifier
1 x Speaker Cable
JST PH 3-pin Plug-Plug Cable - 100mm long
3 x Wire
Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Wire - 25ft 26AWG, in red, black, and white

Additional Materials

  • Glass bottles in varying sizes - my castle has 11 bottles
  • 1/8" or thicker acrylic or polycarbonate sheet for the base. Mine is 6.5" x 35"
  • Base frame material - I used leftover wood siding
  • Air-dry clay - you can find this at any craft store or online
  • Powdered graphite - often available at art / craft stores, or online
  • Metallic gold paint and/or metallic gold spray paint
  • Mirror Spray Paint by Rustoleum
  • Colored glass, shells, jewels, cellophane wrap, shiny vinyl, or other decorative findings
  • Clear packing tape - 2" wide
  • Zip ties
  • E6000 Glue

Tools Needed

To make the lights-only version, you'll need a screw driver and wire cutters / strippers.

For the capacitive touch version, you'll also need a soldering iron and accessories. 

You may also find it helpful to have a heat gun, a hot glue gun, and a saw or woodworking tools for building the frame. 

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