This is the hairstyle of tomorrow!  A press-button dream come true for Mrs. Housewife.  All sorts of wonders are hers at the push of a button.   Going to an office party?  Walk in with the belle of the ball, for a change!  Family music hour?  Use sound reactive mode and Presto!  Now you have something else to pay attention to. And no more stumbling around in the dark after lights-out.  Mrs. Housewife will feel like a fairy princess with a magic wand that lights your way.   

Skill Level

This project is great for beginners who are looking to level up.  Soldering to the Circuit Playground is pretty simple with just 3 wires to hook up. Or this project can be done with no soldering if you skip adding the ambient Neopixel strip and just use the onboard LEDs and light pipe.  

We've included several different color modes and a sound reactive mode in the code.  You can use our code as-is with a little bit of software installation, or you can code-monkey up and use any of the Circuit Playground's onboard sensors to make this wig into a multi-tasking robotic alien funk machine.   Go nuts!

1 x Circuit Playground
Circuit Playground Classic
1 x On/Off Switch
On/Off switch with battery cable extension
1 x 60/m Neopixels
White 60/m RGB Neopixels
1 x Battery
500mAh LiPoly Battery
1 x Battery Charger
USB Battery Charger

Other Tools & Materials

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