Solder the Lipo Charge Jumper

The nRF52840 LED Glasses Driver does not support LiPo batteries by default. To use it with a LiPo battery in this project, you will need to solder the jumper on the back of the board to short it.

After shorting the jumper, only use 4.2V/3.7V rechargeable batteries in the battery port!

Mount the Board

In the board's four mounting holes, attach M2 screws and stand-offs.

Plug in a LiPo battery to the board. 

Slot the board's stand-offs into the case's mounting holes.

Secure the board's bottom two stand-offs with M2 nuts.

Attach the case to the airplane holder with two M2 nuts.

Close the case with the case lid.

Insert your paper airplane into the airplane holder. Now you're ready to fly!

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